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Topic: 92 accord for a Vtec swap will it work? Ant suggestions any 1?

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    Post 92 accord for a Vtec swap will it work? Ant suggestions any 1?

    First of thanks for anyone that is willing to help me. I have a 92 accord AT w/a hole in the block, so i thought. Why not just throw in a vtec engine from a 94 or 95, i will be getting wiring harnes n ecu. My question is will it bolt right up or should i just stick to theregular f22a eninge? Any suggestions would be great.

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    so u can direct bolt swap the whole engine and wireharness from a 95 dohc vtec h 22 u need to run the vtec wire from the ecu to the controller and u need the vtec ecu installed but yes it is a straight bolt one wire and ecu change to answer the question

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