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Topic: help with choosing rim size

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    Default help with choosing rim size

    hey i have a 97 ex coupe and have been looking at some 18''. shuld i go with 18'' or go down to 17''. website says they should fit but just wan to be sure

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    18" rims will fit on the car without any problems. However bigger isn't always better. I ditched my 18's for 17's, doesn't sound like much of a differnce but you would be surprised. Beside's smaller is almost always cheaper; left over money for other things.
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    Thumbs up 17''

    with ur 97 accord u should go with the 17" and put tire size 205 45 17 with a 2" drop ur car would sit an ride perfect onless u like it realy low u can go 2 1/2 u would have a good ride

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