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Topic: Racing Interests.

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    Default Racing Interests.

    Okay, heres the deal. Im really interested in taking my accord to more of a performance level. Yes, I know that I will never be the fastest most bad mother out there, but I would love to be able to increase performance and all around speed/hp. I am not going to pour a whole bunch of $-signs into it because im going into college but still want to get started on a little dream of mine.

    I am interested in at some point doing drag racing as a hobby, what is a good place to start?

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    Horse Power costs money, there is no way around it. You say you want to Drag Race, F.Y.I. Honda isn't known for great Automatics that last under beatings. The best thing you could do is search for a Acura CL Types S, 6 speed manual tranny. If you can find one then I would also recommend going ahead and picking up the head from the engine as well and having in mated to your block. Those are the best upgrades you could get without going turbo. Still it won't be cheap.
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    it's also the best becuz you'll be converting to five speed.

    performance is not just horsepower if you didn't know Jin...look into suspension.
    OmniPower USA has some full coilovers for your accord, inexpensive compared to most.
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