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Topic: 95 accord part out car

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    Default 95 accord part out car

    im am parting out my 95 accord its a ex 2.2 vtec has a spun main bearing everytign else is in pretty good shape.has grey me at with ya want and ill reply with a pic n a price..

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    hey how are the front and rear bumpers the front fenders if they are in good shape can you send me a pic at thanks

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    Hey everyone, my name is Chai and I am from Northern cali. I have my car for almost 4 years now. I started out just like everyone else (Stock form, then rice, and then JDM). I spent hours and hours searching and studying about Accords and the different parts that Honda and other manufacture have to offer for our cars. I know there isn't a whole lot of option here in the US for us but that's what make Accords unique when you see a nicely modded accord done right. Currently my accord was put back to stock.

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