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Topic: Stock Accord stomps american "muscle"

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    Default Stock Accord stomps american "muscle"

    Driving to school today (2 other kids in my car), some idiot nearly clips me as I get on the highway from an exit. So, I'm pissed and catch up. It's some preppy bitch kid in his mom's pontiac. I give him the finger, then the 3. I throw it into 3rd (i'm going 50), take it to VTEC, drop to fourth and just completely stomp him. 15 minutes later I pull into Dunks because it's my last week of school and no one cares really anymore, and I see the kid. He comes at me with his Aber and Fitch hat on backwards and his pink polo collar popped, hollerin' and shit. I smile, order, check his car (automatic), make as though I'm spitting on it as he watches, and wait for him to come outside again. He comes out, I show him the folly of auto and stomp his ass on a dig. I hope I get to see him more and stomp him more

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    Default ??? hmmm?

    why hmmm?

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    you're dumb...

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    I wear ambercrombie and fitch everyday....does that make me preppy or an ass hole? I'd probably beat the shit out of you if you spit on my car too. Even if you did just pretend....
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    ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshoot.......... im ffffffjunk in messid ul;p-Accord4me

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    if its not a GTO, V8 Firebird, T.A. or Firehawk who the hell cares. Its a Poor Old Nigerian Thinking Its A Caddillac. OK, maybe a Grandprix with Supercharger and a larger pulley but those are it.
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