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Topic: My 94 EX and my amazing races

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    Default My 94 EX and my amazing races

    Ok. So I'm not completely new to the racing scene. I've had my fair share of highway rolls and what not. I've won some and lost many (My previous car was a 93 wagon EX auto, I miss it just a bit, because people are surprised when my wagon walks their "american muscle")

    My current car, a 94 EX Sedan 5spd, is pretty amazing. I crushed a Mazda6 (although I will admit the woman was driving rather strangely) , beat a 2003 Explorer (or some SUV, whatever) and then as I slowed down to pull him again, taped a sign on my window that read "I'm getting better mileage at 110mph than you do going 55 with cruise on"
    I was eaten by a Roush'd F-250. I'll admit, it was pretty damn amazing sounding/ fast.
    I tried to catch a Caddy, the newer sleek ones, because he almost killed me and my passengers, but he walked me, but not before I blew him a kiss then got all my passengers to give him the finger.

    ANYWAYS, a few questions:
    1) First gear is horribly weak. Any ideas why?
    2) Recommendations for intake: SRI or CAI, or long tube RI, with filter sitting where the airbox used to be (as it was on my 93 wagon)
    3) Recommendations for a catback that doesn't scream RICER, aka, no gaping cans. I almost prefer my stock muffler, which has a good rumble up to about 3.3k
    4) any other suggestions for upgrades? headers, intake, cams? (i'm a college student... money is tight most of the time)

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    funny, i repeat myself. you're dumb. read other posts before asking the ultimate newb questions like every other idiot who comes along trying to be all billy badass in his 16.4 second quarter mile snailcord

    read before making another retarded post. if you can't find anything, then the internet owns you and you shouldn't be driving a car either

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    lmao man you might stomp one or 2 on the pavement put that guy just bent you over and told u. and i agree with him read all the other postings then ask ? when you cant find it

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    Your not the brightest thing with a licence are you? Keep of the streets before you kill some one. I'm not telling you not to "race"(what you described as racing is a joke and honestly shameful to your self). I'm telling you to find a track day, or at the very least find some back woods road and have your buddies block both ends before our stupid gland kicks in. No one cares if you take your own life into your own hands but the moment you decide the streets are your "race track" you take everyone else's lives into your pathetic, moronic, hands!

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    ::palm to head::

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