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Topic: h22 w/ f22b2

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    Default h22 w/ f22b2

    Hows it going everyone, total noobie here.
    I want to do a swap with the h22 but keep my tranny because i want to boost later on, not soon but it will take a while like a yr or 2.

    Now i know it will bolt up, but will my tranny mess up in the mean time im running stock?
    Also i know ill push once a while when the road really empty or when the track opens ill take it in, so im just worried if i do the swap and keep the tranny will i have any problems?
    Also after the swap will i be able to beat stock 2000 celica and 96 eclipse w/ apexi exhuast system?

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    wtf is this...

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    some have it, some don't quit bitchin!

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    wow after what 6 months of me being away, things still havent changed muyo ban his ass lol
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    you really need to learn how to look things up and do some research before doing anything to your car if you dont know shit about it. you definitely want to get a h22 transmission. dont even get the motor if youre not getting the transmission, its pointless having the power if you cant get it all to the wheels. why dont you race those jokers and find out if you can beat them, then come back and tell us. for all other questions like this, please refer to this website:
    sports sedan [spohrts si-dan] -adjective 1. a descriptive term applied to a sedan that is designed to look and feel "sporty" - offering the driver more connection with the driving experience.

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