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Topic: SRT/4 vs Roxy

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    im not getting involved with this one either!!!
    some have it, some don't quit bitchin!

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    I dont like Neons either but trust me, with even drivers, your car shouldnt be able to beat it.

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    No one is saying you didn't beat the DRIVER. All information and experience I have with SRT-4's say I can't beat one, Heads-up. While my engine wasn't born JDM I assure you its got the soul. The only SRT4 in my neck of the woods is very quick when running properly, about 320 HP if memory serves correct. Anyway, my whole point is that according to #'s you shouldn't have won, not that you couldn't. No one ever called B.S., just stating my opinion on the facts I have.
    SRT-4's had optional Staged packages available from the dealer, up to 350HP is memory is correct. That might explain why some have seen the huge difference between STOCK SRT-4's. Though above all eles it is a Dodge and when you name your race division MO(re)PAR(ts); you blantly tell the world "our stuff sucks".
    How far are we gonna take this? The question is not how far. The question is do you pocess the constituition, the debt of faith to go as far as is needed.

    And sheppards we shall be, for thee my Lord for thee. Power hath decended forth from thine hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command. So we shall flow a river forth unto thee and teeming with souls shall it ever be.

    In order to find his equal and Irishman is forced to talk to God.

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    haha mopar...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 95accordwithpotential
    people on this site are silly. your opinion is that i can't beat one. that's so ridiculous. Have you ever raced one? with a JDM h22? have you ever raced the same drivers i've raced? Maybe the driver didn't have his foot all the way to the floor. yeah, that's it, that was what happened. Or maybe I dreamed the whole thing. I actually just post races that never occurred. I don't even have an H22, I doctored the photos that I posted years ago. Oh, and the tensioner that I'm picking up today for the new H22 that is going into my car today and will be ready before dark is just my delusional fixation on having an H22 in my accord. In fact, I believe people straight up called me full of shit on this site for other races that i've posted.
    eh its happened before

    and i dont think you are lying, but running on 3 cyls full out against an srt4 with 230hp/250#tq turbo'd engine against a na jdm h22 with 190-200hp/150#tq, both cars weighing in about the same curb weight, the numbers are just a bit biased.

    i've had weirder things happen before though, especially during races, winning ones i didnt think i had a chance in hell of even keeping up.

    yeah, some things are getting out of hand these days. i feel bad for phil

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    Default Yup I kno itz a old post

    Amazing stuff does happen cuz i beat a VW torbocharged gti or wateva dey are like nuttin and i was nowhere expectin 2 do dat i was juz havin fun!!!

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