Product: ChargeSpeed bucket seat and Bride seat rails
Application: Accord 94-97

1. First assemble your bride seat rail by taking the base and placing the square spacers into possition as shown.

2. Place the seat bracket on top of the spacers and loosely install the provided bolts/nuts like shown.

3. There will be some 'play' with the bracket, so push it toward the inside as much as possible and tighten the bolts to spec.

4. Repeat on opposite site.

5. Its possible to use OEM seat belts, so if you plan to, transfer the seat belt buckle as shown.

6. Place the bucket seat in the middle of the base and align and install the four bolts loosely.

7. Gradually and evenly tighten the bolts securely. Im not aware of torque specs for these so tighten them slowly and with a decent amount of pressure.

8. Remove the driver seat from the vehicle via the four 14mm bolts at each corner of the base.

9. Fold the seat foward and pull out top first.

10. Install the new bucket seat into possition and tighten the four mounting bolts loosely. Then tighten to spec.

11. Repeat on the other side and your DONE!

A 4-point racing harness is recommended. See next installation ..