Product: Lowering Spring and shock install ..
Application: Accord 94-97


- Honda Spring Compressor (do not use UNIVERSAL)
- 8mm, 14mm and 17mm sockets.
- 14mm and 17mm wrench
- hex wrench
- TORQUE WRENCH ( to lb/ft)
- Fine tooth hand saw.

- breaker bar (loosen 17mm bolts)
- screw driver (help remove lower bolt)
- rubber mallet (help remove lower bolt/fork)

CAUTION: The vehicle should be on the ground (or knuckle raised) before nuts and bolts are tightened. (unless you have full rotation urethane bushing kit)


- Wipe off dirt, oil or grease on all bolt threads before tightening the nuts.
- The right and left damper forks are not interchangeable. The left upper arm is marked with 'VL' or 'V4L' while the right damper is marked 'V4R'
- ITs not a bad idea to apply a slight amount of bearing grease the the flat center section of the lower fork bolts to prevent 'freezoing' to the bushing cylinder.

1. Loosen the front wheel lug nuts slightly, raise the front of vehicle, and support it at the frame jack point with jack stands.

2. Remove the front wheel lug nuts and wheels.

3. Remove the brake hose mounting bolts from the damper. (Two 8mm on each side)

4. Remove the 14mm damper to fork 'pinch' bolt in back of the damper.

5. Using a 17mm wrench hold the lower fork nut, and using a second 17mm socket/wrech remove the lower 17mm bolt. (Heres where you might need the breaker bar, esp if the bolt has been 'touched' by a mechanic). Once the nut is removed, I usually tap the bolt with a rubber mallet threw the mounting hole slightly, then use a solid screw driver and tap out the bolt.

6. Remove the damper fork. (You might need to put pressure on the suspension to pull it out from the damper.)

7. Remove the damper by removing the three 14mm upper nuts and pulling the bottom out first.


8. Disassemble Spring/Shock assembly with spring compressor. (see how-to)

9. Take your bump stop and cut it in 1/2 with a fine tooth hand saw.

9a. Put the cut bump stop on the new damper, followed by the bumpstop washer.

9b. install the dust boot next, then the black washer on top of that.

9c. Hold the shock verticle and install the rubber lower spring seat. (prevents metal to metal contact to reduce noise and wear/rusting).

9d. Install and align the spring to the bottom seat of the shock.

9e. Install the upper mount/hat. (make sure it has stayed properly assembled with upper spring bushing installed.)

9f. Install the top washer. (the dip should be facing upwards).

9g. Install the 14mm top selflocking nut and torque to specs.

NOTE: Lowering springs are usaually significantly shorter than oem, so you like will not need the spring compressor.


10. Install the damper with the aligning tab facing inside, then loosely install the upper 14mm nuts.

11. Install the damper fork over the driveshaft and the lower arm. Install the front damper in the damper fork so the aligning tab is aligned with the slot in the damper fork.

12. Loosely install the 14mm pinch bolt into the damper fork.

13. Loosely install the lower 17mm bolt and a new self-locking nut threw the fork.

14. Raise the knuckle with a floor jack until just after the car lifts off the jack stand.

WARNING: The floor jack must be securely positioned or personal injury may result. Undet the control arm right behind the lower balljoint is best).

15. Tighten the rear 14mm pinch bolt to spec to secure the damper to the fork.

16. Tighten the lower 17mm self locking nut to spec.

17. Tighten the 14mm nuts on top to spec.

18. Install the 8mm brake hose mount bolts to spec.

19. Install the front wheels and tighten the lug nuts as much as possible.

20. Lower the vehicle to the gound and torque the lug nuts to spec.


21. Loosen the rear lug nuts and raise up the rear of the vehicle and support securely on jack stands under the frame jacking points.

22. Remove the lug nuts and rear wheels.

23. Lower the rear seat and remove the plastic covering the shock towers.

23b. Sedans only: remove the side cushions by pushing down on the bottom seat for access to remove the lower 12mm bolt. Remove by pulling cushion up and out.

24. Pull back the trunk liner and remove the two 14mm upper damper nuts.

25. Remove the lower 17mm bolt. (Might need breaker bar)

26. Remove the damper by pulling out top first. (note: I usually kick it off the bottom perch if its hard to remove.)


27. Disassemble and reassmble with new shock and springs same way you did the front. (see Spring/Shock disassemble/assemble how-to.)


28. Place the damper into possition. Bring it in bottom first with the welded nut pointed toward the front of the car.

29. Loosely install the two upper 14mm nuts.

30. Place some downward pressure on the knuckle and place the fork of the shock into possition and loosely install the lower 17mm bolt.

31. Raise the rear knuckle with a floor jack until just after the car lifts off the jack stand.

WARNING. Floor jack must be securely positioned or injury may result.

32. Tighten the lower 17mm bolt to torque specs.

33. Tighten the top 14mm bolts to torque specs.

34. Remove the jack from under the knuckle

35. Install the interior panels and put the rear seat back into possition.

36. Install the rear wheels. Note: before installing the wheel, clean the mating surface of brake disc and wheel.

37. Install the lug nuts as tight as possible. Lower the vehicle to the ground and tighten the lugs to torque specs.

38. Do a vehicle alignment.

YOUR DONE! - Your vehicle will likely not be lowered to manufacurers specs until the vehicle has been driven around and weight has been applied to the spring.

Front upper strut bar is recommended. SEE NEXT INSTALL ..