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Topic: k24 swap

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllShowNoGo
    boto 17g's will get you this

    oh my god thats really kuckin nice
    95 accord 4 door:
    JDM F22b
    stock ported head
    ARP studs
    K&N cold air intake
    DHRacing 69mm TB
    DHRacing stock ported intake
    Mugen header
    custom test pipe
    Apexi WS2 catback
    Apexi safcII
    TIEN coilovers
    5 Zigen FN01R-C
    Kumho AST
    Forbidden short shifter
    Bride shift boot
    *NEW*92 EG hatch project*
    B16a 5spd LSD (for now)
    LS/Vtec turbo
    300-500whp with 3stg boost controller
    parts -- its a secret

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    Default New Car

    I just got a brand new rsx type s, if the engine mounts come out soon, the K series would be the engine I'll try swapping into my accord.K series is the cheit.There is a forum on club rsx that shows some guy with a k24/k20 in a white 5th gen.
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    Default mistake

    If you guys havent seen one yet its in the site, not club rsx.

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