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Topic: Slip-on El Glow guages

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    Default Slip-on El Glow guages

    Do not buy these. In the long run, they mess up your needles. I had to buy a new guage cluster that cost me $187. I found an LED kit for $40 that plug right into your stock LED Recepticles. So instead of glowing white, your cluster glows whatever color your LED's are. You can find these kits here:

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    What happened to your needles?
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    i had the slip on gauge things, and the plastic covering where the screw holes are come loose, and kinda bubble up and make ur needles to where they dont read right or wont move @ all, solution take em off & ur needles will work fine, or do the led thing, it looks much better anyways, although i do like the white gauges in the accord better than the all black cluster
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