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Topic: OBD2 96-97 Honda Accord to JDM OBD1 H22a DOHC VTEC engine motor swap parts guide list

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    Default OBD2 96-97 Honda Accord to JDM OBD1 H22a DOHC VTEC engine motor swap parts guide list

    Heres a list I made of parts I used for the 96-97 LX Accord OBDII to OBDI H22 DOHC VTEC motor swap along with vacuum diagram.

    This swap guide goes over the different parts you need to use when preforming a JDM 92-95 H22 motor + tranny + ECU (OBDI) swap into a US spec Accord LX 96-97 (OBDII). This guide also covers the extra parts you must get, the extra parts you should get and what methods to use where the H22 meets up with the Accord components. This swap guide will not cover detail on exactly how to swap the motor bolt by bolt and which tool to do it with because I assume you are following a service manual for the engine removal proceedure, modifications, and install proceedures, ect. I also assume you have a decent amount of tools available, a good understanding of the different systems of an engine & how they all come together to make the engine work properly and also some experience wrenching cars is always good. For a full breakdown and re-build of the 94-97 Honda Accord and 92-95 H22, see the Chilton Service Manual. In this manual they will cover a complete breakdown of every single component of your vehicle from engine rebuild to interior and suspension. And if you want something even more precise, you can go for the more pricey Honda Service Manual which goes into detail on everysingle bolt and what tool to use. One or the other .. you shouldnt go at a project car without one. Ninety percent of after-market products are installed the same exact way as an OEM replacement, so guessing how to install something or posting around in forums is a waste of time.


    - Motor Mounts (all), but with HASport drivers side mount. (Energy Sus. bushing inserts recommended).
    - Axles + intermediate shaft
    - Shift linkage/cables
    - Throttle Body (pref. bored, see King Motorsports)
    - Throttle cables
    - Throttle cable bracket (requires custom mounting)
    - MAP Sensor
    - P/S line
    - P/S pump
    - A/C compressor
    - A/C compressor bracket
    - Alternator
    - Alternator bracket (both work)
    - bracket (both work)
    - Cat-back exhaust *
    - EVAP canister, solinoid & vacuum set-up
    - Most vacuum lines

    * NOTE: The 92-95 H22 header and exhaust will only leave about 2" for a Catalytic converter. You must shorten the exhaust mid-pipe and reweld the flange to make room.

    PARTS TO USE FROM A 92-95 H22 ..

    - Radiator Hoses (upper and lower)
    - Heater Hoses (drivers & passenger side)
    - Fuel rail (US spec only!)
    - Header
    - Cat. Converter **
    - P13 ECU

    ** NOTE: Completely unplug from the harness the second O2 sensor that went to the Accord catalytic converter.


    - 97+ H22 P/S bracket ( :: why? b/c it makes the accord p/s pump a bolt-up
    - 97-01 H22 P/S belt (
    - 92-95 H22 Alt. belt (
    - Custom throttle cable bracket (basically a 2x8" peice of metal)
    - OBDII to OBDI conversion ECU harness
    - HASport drivers side engine mount
    - HASport Harness Conversion Service - Stock F22 engine harness + JDM H22 harness
    - Civic Si 99-00 distributor cap + rotor (b/c JDM H22 is internal coil & US H22 is external)


    - 92-95 H22 Cam seal
    - 92-95 H22 Spark plugs
    - 92-95 H22 Spark plug wires
    - 92-95 H22 Clutch

    - 96-97 F22 throttle body gasket
    - 92-95 H22 Valve cover gasket
    - 92-95 H22 Oil pan gasket

    - 92-95 H22 Flywheel
    - 92-95 H22 Thermostat
    - 92-95 H22 Oil Filter
    - 92-95 H22 Oil pan - If used one is dented.
    - 92-95 H22 water pump
    - 92-95 H22 Timing belt and balancer belt (Genuine Honda &/or GReddy)
    - 92-95 H23 manual timing belt tensioner conversion


    - Vacuum lines .. use the Accord EVAP canister, solinoid and vacuum line set-up. Make sure you plug the extra EVAP vacuum fitting on the back-left of the H22 intake manifold. Also plug the top vacuum fitting coming out of the top of the right side of the intake manifold, its for H22 cruise control set-up. Use the EGR comonents still on the accord chassis, and the EGR commonents on the H22 motor.. Use the diagrams below for reference ..

    Stock Accord LX 96-97 vacuum diagram

    Stock H22 92-95 vacuum diagram

    Accord LX 96-97 H22 Hybrid vacuum diagram

    - Motor Mounts .. Use all the Accord mounts, but with the HASport drivers side mount for a complete bolt-up.

    - O2 sensors .. OBDII uses two O2 sensors and the OBDI H22 uses just one. The second O2 sensor can easily be unplugged from the chassis harness if you follow the wires up. Id recommend taping up the unplugged plug butt.

    - Power Steering .. 97+ H22 P/S bracket with the Accord pump and line it will make everything a bolt up.

    - Throttle Cable bracket .. Using a 1x7.5" slab of metal and the accord throttle cable bracket, use the original prelude throttle cable bracket mounting locations and relocate the accord bracket to the right, just over the vacuum line on the intake manifo

    - Water Hoses .. Accord radiator and heater hoses are too short, so use the 95 H22 Prelude ones and you shouldnt have a problem.
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    I have done all of this and i cant seem to keep the car running, it starts but shuts off after like 15 seconds.

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    This is a video of what themotor sounds like when i try to start it.
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