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Topic: How-to install APEXi V-AFC II VTEC Air Fuel Converter

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    Default How-to install APEXi V-AFC II VTEC Air Fuel Converter

    PRODUCT(s): V-AFC VTEC Air/Fuel Controller + Boomslang Conversion harness

    VEHICLE: 1996 Honda Accord

    After adding a considerable amount of modifications to a motor, the ECU can no longer make the proper air fuel ratio adjustments automatically and requires aftermarket electronics to take over. The ECU has built in maps that allow it to properly add just the right amount of fuel to the incoming air just before it enters the cylinder. When adding things like intake, header, catback exhaust, throttle body, ect .. the ECU can no longer make acurate changes to it. This is where the APEXi V-AFC II comes to play. The unit is built specially for Honda motors and the letters of the unit stand for VTEC Air Fuel Converter II. This topic is going to cover the physical installation of the APEXi V-AFC II.

    All we are going to need for this installation is the APEXi V-AFC II main unit and the Boomslang conversion harness.

    First start by gaining access to the ECU.

    1) The Engine Control Module (ECM) is located inside the passenger compartment under the dashboard behind the kick panel (right side).

    2) The manual recommends, disabling the airbag system, but I feel this could be optional.

    3. Remove the carpet from the lower panel assembly and the floor area under the passenger side of the dash. Place the carpet sufficiently out of the way.

    4. Remove the kick plate to expose the ECU.

    5. Disconnect the electrical connectors from the ECU and if you already have a conversion harness installed remove that from the chassis harness completely. CAUTION: The ignition switch must be turned OFF when pulling out or plugging in the electrical connectors to prevent damage to the ECU.

    6. If you cant get your ECU unplugged while its mounted to the kick plate you can take them apart by removing the retaining nuts to the ECU.

    7. Carefully remove the ECU. NOTE: Avoid any static electricity damage to the computer by grounding yourself to the body before touching the ECM and using a special anti-static pad to store the ECM on once it is removed.

    8. Plug the Boomslang conversion harness to the chassis wiring harness.

    9. Next, to keep things neater, roll up the wiring a little to be tucked under the foot plate and then plug it into the ECU.

    10. Now make sure the V-AFC II plug is coming out of the side of the kick plate and reinstall the ECU and kickplate to the vehicle.

    11. Push the carpet back to its proper location and insert the top clip.
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    Default How-to install APEXi V-AFC II continued ..

    12. Now remove your ashtray from the vehicle and feed in the V-AFC II main unit wiring .. If you can not get it out the side of the center counsel you may have to remove the black area in the center for more room.

    13. Plug in the APEXi V-AFC II to the Boomslang conversion harness V-AFC II adapter line and tuck the wires under the carpet to the ECU.

    13. Now push the APEXi VAFC II into the ashe tray seat and make sure all the wiring if red threw the hole where the ash tray was.

    The final and MOST IMPORTANT STEP is to tune your APEXi V-AFC II. This will require some dyno time and someone with some knowledge on Japanese tuning ..
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    what abouut he obd2 plug thats in the ashtray area?

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