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Topic: Best Spring for 4th Gen Accord

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    Default Best Spring for 4th Gen Accord

    What are the stiffest lowering springs for a 93 accord? I can't stand coilovers! Holla at me.

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    I herd sprint springs are OK and they are reasonably priced.

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    Why do you want so stiff? Do you want your accord bouncing everywhere Too Stiff of a spring is not good if you are going to do a lot of high speed racing. But if you want my opion on spring. I choose the Eibach Sport line. Those are some nice springs or some H & R.
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    Anyone have Eibach Prokits on their 4g? I hear it lowers about 1.4" to 1.5". Im also planning on keeping them on stock shocks for a bit, till i get some money built up. Anyone know how stiff/soft the ride is on these springs? And also, I heard that you only need a camber kit when you lower below 2" or 2.25" on the 4gs? Any input is welcome. Thanks

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    i like the tokico hp springs and shocks..for the money they are great

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    anything lower than 1.5 will need a camber kit.... with a 2.5 drop you will not only will you need a camber kit but new shocks within a month or so.. i would eaither save up your money and buy both at the same time or buy a cheaper set....also you want springs and shocks that will work good together..if you buy 2 diffrent company springs and shocks there a good chance the ride will be bad...maybe not but there is a chnce

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    ane1 got a pic of 1.5 drop on 4th gen accord with 18s rims?

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    Wink Best Springs ummm..

    Dropzone Springs, new and smooth!

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