Hi everyone i have here a 1994 honda accord EX, which you guys know is the F22b1 VTEC. The auto tranny(just recently) started acting up, shift a little firmer than normal, but that isnt the issue im worried about. What got me is that my first gear is almost like going into neutral until it is at the approximate(right) RPM and then goes back into gear. From a dead stop, it goes into neutral and then from takeoff has a slight issue of going back into gear. I figured it might be the fluid too low or high, but it doesnt leak, and hasnt moved since ive owned the car. So i figured it might be the clutches, but forgot that the First/Reverse gear is a planetary gear. Now it only does this in first gear so im really confused on what it could be. Thought it might be the torque converter too but i have no idea. If i have to rebuild it i can definitely do that but i just wanna figure out what it could be.