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Topic: girl desperately trying to learn about cars...need help representing

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    Default girl desperately trying to learn about cars...need help representing

    car retard that needs help fixing it up. i love my accord to death but am tired of American car drivers talking shit about my car. i have a 94 honda accord ex engine f22b. i already have an exhaust (magnaflow) and aem intake. i do live in cali, so that is why i have the 50 state legal exhaust and intake but now i dont care. i want to do whatever to make it fast so i can kick some ass. for the record, i also own a 2005 dodge magnum and i love both cars equally. maybe the accord a little bit more because of gas mileage and i also owned 2; but they both pick up where the other lacks. please, please, please help im ready to start my project accord
    i know about the h22 but is that that the fastest engine capable of being put in an accord. or what do i need to do go faster? i actually have an h22 that was purchased from a local but i want to rebuild it or buy another one. but i don't know where to start.

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    you have a pm

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