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Topic: 1994 cd7

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    Default 1994 cd7

    New to the site but not so new to the Accord.

    Had it for about a year or so now.

    F22b1 Vtec!
    K&N SRI
    No name header
    Custom 2.5 exhaust
    No name coilovers (soon to be tein springs shocks/struts)
    got a good amount of pictures for ya!

    how she sat when i got her

    Prepping for paint

    Fresh out of the oven

    dropper her a bit

    engine bay

    new exhaust system on

    how she sits now

    tell me what ya think
    ive gotten negative comments from other forums
    not so into negativety, constructive critisism is welcome
    just dont bash my car!

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    I would take that AccoRd emblem/sticker in the back off but it doesnt look too bad, you've done a lot of work from how it was when you first got it.

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    and i will eventually when i decide to repaint it'll come off

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    Welcome dude. ur brave man for taking on that car when you first got it! geez that thing was molested.

    i agree on the sticker. id rather have the factory "accord" badge on there. and if ya have to, add the Type-R badge. much cleaner oem look. Side sticker is cool. Glad ya got rid of the Accord decal on the windshield, didnt match anything up front. Install the front fender liners? I do like the shaved door moldings. Were the holes welded closed?

    i think ur car would look beta with a "light" makeover. Ebay has jdm style depo headlights w/corners for less than $130 shipped. That'll give the dark housing you'd prob like. Get factory red rear sidemarkers put in. Put the factory untinted tails back on. If you really like the dark housing theme, you can DIY blackhouse the taillights. Meaning on the inside of the tails, NOT tint the outside of the lens. If you're interested in tackling that idea, lmk ill post the DIY.
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    as for the shaved moldings it took a little bit a bondo magic they kept falling in the hole and it was a mess but i eventually got it
    i have plans for lights i am looking at the black housed depo ones with amber corners.
    need that money ya know?
    and as of now im not really into all the black and tinted lights anymore.
    ill post a picture of two

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