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Topic: How-to blackhouse JDM stanley headlights

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    Default How-to blackhouse JDM stanley headlights

    There are chrome versions of JDM stanley headlights out there. They can be had for cheaper than black JDM stanley headlights and even JDM style DEPO headlights, so blackhousing them can be a cheaper alternative with the same looks.

    These simple instructions is more/less applicable to USDM stanley headlights; USDM requires more steps thus more laborious.

    Primer spray paint
    Black high heat spray paint(flat black for more "authentic" look)
    flat head screwdriver
    Gloves to handle hot headlights
    Oven with a tray and aluminum foil

    0) NOTE: remove bulbs and black rubber boots from headlight
    1) Move oven rack to lowest possible height.
    2) Preheat oven to 225 degrees.
    3) Lay aluminum foil onto a baking tray, this is where your headlight will be sitting on in the oven.
    4) Wrap the "legs" of the headlight on the bottom with aluminum foil to prevent it from possible melting or warping. Maybe the corner bracket too.
    5) Stick the tray with the headlight into the oven when it is done preheating. Make sure the headlight isnt physically touching any part of the oven.
    6) Keep the headlight in for 10 minutes. To be cautious check to see how the headlight is doing every couple minutes.
    7) With gloves on, remove the headlight from oven.

    8) Use the flat-head screwdriver to pry the lense from the front of the housing. IMPORTANT: work at opening up/loosening the tabs first, as that what keeps the lense in there real well.
    9) After the tabs are not a concern, work on all sides of the headlight, not in just one area.
    10) You only have so much time while the silicone is hot/durable, so if it hardens again, stick the headlight back in the oven using same time and temperature.
    11) Take headlight out of oven again and continue prying with screwdriver and pulling apart with hands. When you have the lense separate from the housing, be happy and repeat for the other headlight.

    12) The chrome bezel is attached to the lense, remove the chrome bezel, because that is the part that needs to be painted black.
    13) In a well-ventilated area, spray primer onto the bezel. I sprayed 2 layers total. I allowed 15 minutes of drying in direct sunlight between sprays.

    14) Spray black paint onto the bezel. I sprayed 3-4 layers total. Also allowed 15 minutes of drying in direct sunlight in between sprays.

    15) When bezel is completely dry, attach back onto headlight lense.

    16) Put lense back onto housing as much as you can, then put in oven to heat; again 10 minutes at 225 degrees. This will soften the silicone and be easier to push everything back into place again. Keep working at it until you feel it is fully sealed and tight.
    17) You're done. NOTE: it is NOT necessary to buy your own weatherproof silicone sealant when you put everything back together. You can if you want to.


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    This is the best mode to start when you just got your accord.

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    i just joined,imma try doing this this week!!

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    ^cool, welcome. would you be doin this to factory usdm headlights? if so the process is different as far as reflectors. you'll have to do some taping off

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