It's a 6-LED board and i used them for courtesy door light, dome light, and trunk. The package is kinda cool because you get 5 different bulb sizes to adapt to the led board. so its basically a universal fit for small applications. even comes with an adapter for 194/168.

The "bulb"(which is really an adapter that draws the power) slides in as usual like a bulb(doesnt light up tho), then theres wires that run from the adapter to the led board. Tape is on the back of the board to stick it where desired. they are DEFINITELY brighter than stock. The most dramatic change in visibility is in the much brighter over the regular bulb. The color of these are supposed to be WHITE, but theres a slight hint of blue. They're not as blue as they look in the pictures though.

They've worked well for the past 2.5 years so far, none of the LEDs are defective or anything. I bought them from a vendor on a Lexus forum. They are $9.99 shipped each.