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Topic: How-to make bumper light stay on with parking light

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    Default How-to make bumper light stay on with parking light

    This how-to will show you how to make your bumper lights stay on with your parking lights using dual filament bulb method. As you know, from the factory these bumper lights only turn on when you are signaling. With a dual filament socket and bulb, the bumper lights will stay on AND blink to signal(hence the "dual" term).

    I got the dual filament sockets and bulbs from a 1st gen Odyssey at the local junkyard. They were used for the front corner lights. The sockets fit like factory with our bumper lights. i believe ive read that 96-00 Civic corner sockets fit like factory as well. Just to be sure, just remove your bumper light and bring it in to the junkyard with you to test-fit the socket on the cars before buying it. Im sure there are other cars besides the Odyssey and Civic with sockets that fit our bumper lights. When you cut the wiring, leave enough wire length to use when installing to your car. There should be 3 wires to cut: say the colors are green, blue, and black.

    When it comes time to swap the bulb sockets, you will notice that your factory sockets are different from your new sockets. these are the differences:

    factory sockets:
    bulb size 7440
    green wire
    black wire
    (wire colors may vary, ill use these color wires for simplicity)

    new sockets:
    bulb size 1157 (so if you dont already have 1157 size bulbs, buy them)
    green wire
    blue wire
    black wire

    Procedure(after removing bumper lights):
    1) cut the 2 wires an inch or 2 behind the existing bumper light bulb socket to rid of it
    2) with the new socket, crimp the matching green wires together
    3) then crimp the matching black wires together
    4) with the blue wire, you're going to have to tap into the corner light bulb. So remove the corner light. There's 2 bulbs in the corner light. The one you want to tap into is the one that does NOT blink when you signal. Splice into its power wire, blue color for example. NOTE: you will need extra wiring to go from the bumper light to the corner light, so buy if needed. forgot what gauge wire to get.
    5)After all 3 wires are hooked up, bumper light should be on with your parking lights, and blink when signaling.

    Here's a simple illustration:

    BEFORE \/




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    looks like i used 18 gauge wires.

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