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Topic: Whats your favorite parts source?

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    Default Whats your favorite parts source?

    Whats your favorite parts source?
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    I personally haven't ordered from them, buy my good friend has ordered many motors from them. I'm actually planning on purchasing a motor from them pretty soon..I'm hoping by this summer...

    and I like ebay and can find brand name parts for a good price when anyone is selling.
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    they sell OEM genuine Honda/Acura parts. Cheapest prices i could find online, and i def searched. Ended up buying all the parts for my 200k mile major tune-up from them. No problems.

    Can they be added to the list of sites?

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    Ebay; JDM Parts.

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    for me its ebay and rockauto

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    Hi guys I've found another site to look for, you might also want to check partstrain site. I've seen lots of good deals and discounts on this site for car parts & accessories. OEM parts are not pricey, see if you could get the best deals.

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