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Topic: Uper control arm and lowered Accords

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    Howdy from Texas…

    I have a 1996 Honda Accord, full turbo h22 swap making 400hp to the wheels…lots of fun. I have a few suspension issues that may or may not have a solution. My issue is after I lowered the car with Tein Super Sport coilovers and camber kit, my upper control arms are hitting the top side of my inner fenders over hard bumps. I have had an expensive race alignment and the car is tracking correctly however it appears the top control arm is not horizontal but angled up 45 degrees. Therefore when I hit a pothole, it smacks the top side of the fender wall. It looks like I need to cut out the top of the fender wall (not what I want to do) to provide clearance or get a shorter steering knuckle to bring the geometry back to horizontal. Do you have any suggestions?

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    It could be few things you are just too low raise the car up a little and see if that helps also did you trim and reinstall the bumpstops? Iirc correctly on the tein setup you have the spring rates are not too stiff. A quick test to see if its bottoming out is to tie a zip tie on the strut rod and go for a ride see if it moves on the shaft too much if it does you are too low...

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    hmm i only tend to read bout ppl hitting the top when they are real slammed. Dunno their solution for it though. Except for cutting holes.

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