View Full Version : clutch problem..

05-26-2005, 07:07 AM
i was wondering if this happen to any of u guyz out there..my clutch is weird rite now...it's been doin good and all and i race a couple of times...but it's my clutch pedal that feels funny...i mean...the clutch pedal clearnce is okay when the car is off or when i first start it..engagment is ok..but atleast 5 min of driving..my clutch pedal tends to get hard,theres no more clutch clearnce..and when im letting go of my clutch pedal,it has to be allmost out.like,i bearly step of the clutch pedal just do disengage,it's not like where it use to feel,where i can step on it half way and everything,i was wondering if it's my pressure plate or clutch pedal....

05-26-2005, 09:59 PM
flush/fill clutch fluid, make sure no air is in there,

05-27-2005, 12:30 AM
when i do that..then that means i have to open the valve seal on the clutch slave and keep pushing the clutch until there's no more rite..??..and then put fluid then keep bleeding it till no air..but doesn't that mean i have to get the pressure back if i do that..??.thanx for the help?and what cause's this to do that to my pedals..??..