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04-13-2005, 10:33 PM
I need help with rims sizes.
i dont what the biggest size i can put on my car without
modifing fender or so on.
well i have a 92 accord EX can u guys help out...
i hoping to put at least 17's and how wide the tires should be as well..

04-14-2005, 11:26 PM
you can put 18 on your car. don't go any wider than 7 inches. Then you might have to start modifing your car.

04-15-2005, 06:02 PM
yup...u can fit 17's with out stress..205/40/17...but yeah..i think 18's r the best..but..bigger gas milage though..cause im running 18's..

04-18-2005, 11:49 AM
thnx guys .. if go 18 what width should i go .. u suggested 205/40/17.. but how about 18's??

04-18-2005, 11:53 AM
Jesus how many threads do we have on this

04-18-2005, 11:05 PM

04-19-2005, 08:57 AM
Thnx man for helping out .. now time to go wheel shopping.. thnx again

04-19-2005, 04:33 PM
what does it matter if we keep posting new posts?? Im not trying to start an argument but whats the point of keeping the website running if everything has been said about our accords?? Sometimes we just like to ask and several people are going to answer to the post if makes you that mad then I guess you know everything about Accords and should find someother hobby.

04-19-2005, 11:19 PM
to me..i rather go 225/35/18..due to the fact that anything above 35 the tire looks a bit to big on the 18's..it's up to u though..

04-20-2005, 08:21 PM
if you get 225/35/R18 instead of 225/45/R18 the ride is ruffer and stiff. You are going to loose a lot the stock ride. Also the tire is easier to pop. I have seen it happen. So I would really suggest sticking to 225/45/R18

04-20-2005, 10:38 PM
okay ppl thnx for ur answer but i think im going to stick wit 225/45r18 that what i heard about and that wat im sticking wit.. thnx u all...