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01-02-2004, 02:58 AM
Ok, this is a little story about how difficult the past few months have been for me and how it's all starting to fall in place now. Everything happens for a reason and you never seem to find out the reason until the time is right.

For those who don't know, I quit my job a while ago and started my own company working on cars (mainly Honda). www.midnitemechanix.com (http://www.midnitemechanix.com/) I was working out of my friends grandfathers shop cause he had the space and the tools. Things were going good considering I started the whole thing with virtually no money, no help, no clientele, etc. I saw how people were getting ripped-off when it came to automotive work and decided that I could do a better job and for less. I made more than enough to cover bills and stuff so things were alright. The customers that I did get saw how I was not overcharging like most places and that I didn't lie about stuff to get more money out of them so I got a lot of business because of that. So, right when things seem like they're falling into place and everythings gonna be fine, I lost access to the shop that I was working out of. Without the shop and tools, that limited what I was able to do to cars. That caused me to lose about 70% of the business I had cause I simply did not have the tools to do the jobs. That's when things started to get questionable. Money started to get really tight and still is to this day. Since then, I've worked on a few cars here and there but not like it was when I had the shop. I used to do AT LEAST one car a day and when there was no business I went out looking for it. Without the tools, I'm very limited as to what I can do. The only way to fix that would be to get the right tools and unfortunately I don't have $20,000 to throw down at that or know anybody that does....

Here's where things get weird...

Right when I think things are hopeless and I was about to give up, I saw the light!

I knew I needed to do something different but couldn't figure out what I needed to do. School poped into my head cause I've really wanted to go for automotive stuff for a while now but never seemed to have the money or the time.

Last weekend, out of nowhere, my mom offered to pay for me to go back to school. I'm gonna take full advantage of that one too. I'm starting out getting ASE certified and then I'm gonna go for the long haul and get an actual degree in Automotive & Mechanical Engineering. ASE should be done in no time, but I have about 3-4 years more before I can get the engineering degree.

2 days later I run into my uncle that I haven't seen in two years. I was totally shocked when I found out that 2 months ago he started his own dealership. It's called SelectMotorImports www.selectmotorimports.com (http://www.selectmotorimports.com/) and guess which car they specialize in....HONDA! Come to find out, he's got a three bay shop with lifts, tools, and everything I need to be able to do the work I want. I sat down and talked with him for hours and it turns out that I have what he needs (knowledgeable mechanic/aftermarket tuning/fresh ideas) and he has what I need (shop space/tools/parts). So once this all became known, we kinda decided to team up. The cool thing about it is that he has the same views as I do about people getting ripped off. If you actually look at the prices on the website, you'll see how incredibly low they are. The cars are perfect, with low miles, 1 or 2 owners, mechanically sound, immaculatly clean, nothing wrong and they even come with waranties. With the kind of prices he has on the cars, it'd be hard to find a beter deal anywhere, even from a private buyer. So that's definitely cool! On top of that, he's working out the final details about carying aftermarket performance parts that can be installed right then and there. Rims, intakes, exhaust, typical interior and exterior stying stuff, all the usual stuff you see at speed shops. Now, who do you think is going to be the one in charge of installing all of those products.......ME! WOOHOO!!

It appears that we're going to be teaming up here soon (within a week or two). He's got the dealership and I'd pretty much get the shop. The idea is to have one place that you can go to for ANYTHING automotive related that you can think of. Want a great car at an unbeatable price? DONE! Don't live in VA? No problem! We'll find whatever car you want for the lowest price possible and have it shipped to your house! Need aftermarket parts? DONE! If we don't carry it, we can get it for you and for much less than any other shop around. Need OEM parts? DONE! Chances are it's already in stock. We want the first true "one stop shop" for anything you can think of. Imagine being able to buy your next car for a great price and have it modified the way you want, all at one time and one location, for an unbeatable price, and it all be covered under the warrany. Our goal is take away every hassle typically associated with automobile sales and service.

Right now, he only has stock cars. None have been modded at all. I see that as a problem when it comes to selling aftermarket stuff. It's one thing to tell people you can do something, but it's much more effective to show them you can do it, ya know what I'm sayin? For that reason, I'm trying to talk my uncle into buying a project vehicle for the business that I can modify and display out front and also at shows/events. I hope that happens soon. I can't wait to have a show vehicle with my name all over it!

There's more to the story than what I just typed, but that gives you a good idea. Everything happens for a reason. When I thought everything was going wrong, I realized that things had to go wrong in order for them to start going right. If things had happened any differently, this opportunity may have never presented itself.

The moral....just roll with things when they happen. They're happening for a specific reason whether you realize it or not.

The aftermarket parts will be available soon and I'll let you guys know when. Once that happens, talk to me first about parts you need and then do some price shopping. Chances are you won't be able to find it cheaper.

Keep me in mind if you or anyone you know needs a car or parts. I should be able to get anything you need.

midnite racer x
01-02-2004, 04:32 PM
cool stuff, this same time last year things were really down hill for me also. Crappy job (5-10 hours a week), bills i couldn't pay, car blew its engine, and NO CABLE!!! Anyways, things turned around for me, i got a new job, my current car, and my cable back. within a month or 2...it was like one day things just turned around for me and thats all i was hoping for. Congrats on ur recent developments pat, i wish u the best but do me a favor and get a dyno and a hondata license or S-AFC certification cause if u do i'll be making a road trip :p . Turbo will be here on the 9th of this month but i need a tuner b4 i put it on in late february. If u can pull somethin together i'll be making a visit ;) . Congrats again tho

01-02-2004, 06:29 PM
:eek: :eek: :D pats back

you better come on www.vaccords.com hehehehe i have united us! :p