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bruce hannah
05-07-2004, 10:07 AM
I can get a hold of a type r and lsd tranny for a g. The catch is the engine has a blown rod bearing and the valve cover is missing. The car sat in a mechanic lot for awhile and then some one jacked the rims, valve cover, cai, seats, rear view mirrors, and stereo. That is hella cheap even with it having a blown rod bearing. I am gonna buy it, but what do I do with it. I have heard people make stupid comments about lets but a 240sx engine into a honda or lets put a vw into a acura and so on. I have a prelude with a f22a and needs to see a upgrade. I have been told whats the point to put a b series into a accord or prelude, because it is so small. Well since I have a good type r sitting around once it gets back from the shop, why not. The question is, how hard will it be and how much would it cost me for mods, and wether it is even worth it, or maybe it just plain wont go in at all? Maybe I just need to hang out and save a few grand for a civicHelp please, let me know. Let me tell you I am dead serious about this, im not being one of those retard kids talkin bout lets put anything in a honda or do anything to one. I will have the engine soon and would like to do something with it. Not every day a type r falls into your lap for a grand. Oh one more thing, if anybody needs anything off this car let me know, it still has everything else on it, except for all the windows have been bashed out.Also has coilovers with agx gas shocks. Anyways thanks.