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Topic: 93 Accord EX Just Got

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    Smile 93 Accord EX Just Got

    Hey guys, thanks I picked this up about 2 mos ago I was gonna resale for a profit but NYS is giving me back my license so I decided to keep it.
    Tuning style: I like the bone stock and smooth look, the car is a hoop-T right now, but once I start working again I can get the car moving. She sits now waiting to be abused like a cheap whore on the corner.

    Im new to the forum thing but im gonna try and attach pictures.

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    hey welcome to the forums

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    breda holland


    car looks good.
    post some more pics!

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    i just notice this now.

    welcome to the forum, nice to see another cb7 on here
    "To some people, a car is a car. But to people like us, its so much more than just a car. Its a getaway. Its our hiding spot. Its our comfort. Its an extension of ourselves." - so very fucking true

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    but good thing i'm involved in asian community around here
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    i have a 90 accord lx, and im thinkin about getting a blow off much does a decent blow off valve cost about?

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