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Topic: My 2 Cb7's

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    Default My 2 Cb7's

    Hey guys..rockin 2 Cb7's! Check em out! I would like to thank for most of the efforts put into my cars!

    Click Here for my Turbo Build Thread

    DIY Front Bumper Majorly Hack for FMIC
    DIY OEM Modded Front Lip for FMIC
    DIY Front Grill
    DIY Blackhouse Headlights
    DIY Angel Eyes
    DIY Window Tint Front Bumper Lamps
    DIY Window Tint Tail Lights
    Amber Front Corner Lamps
    Shaved Emblems

    F22a1 Stock Block
    F22 Stock Tranny
    F22a6 Intake Mani (no IAB)
    DSM 14b turbo
    DSM EVO Drilled Mani
    CXRacing Intercooler Piping Kit 2.5"
    NGK Plugs R5671A-11
    NGK 7mm Blue Wires
    Xenocron 255 ltr/hr fuel pump
    New Fuel Filter
    DSM 450cc Injectors
    Johnny Racecar FMIC
    Tapped Oil Pan for 14b oil return
    Ebay Oil Catch Can
    Stealthmodeperformace oil kit
    2.5" Entire Exhaust
    2.5" Custom DownPipe
    Ebay Muffler
    Glossy Powdercoated Valve Cover

    Black 15" Prelude Wheels
    Ebay Coilovers
    NeuSpeed Strut Bar (taken off my 93, awaiting pix)
    Springtech Struts/Shocks
    Poly Bushings

    [color=blue]35mm GM Steering Wheel
    Neuspeed Quick Shift Adapter
    PO6 ECU tuned by D112crzy

    ........../Future Plans:
    LSD Clutch/Flywheel
    Distributor for Ignitor
    MSD Ignition
    ESP Motor Mounts


    F22a6 - Stock Internals
    Injen Short Ram Intake

    Springtech Shocks/Struts
    Eibach Springs
    BOMZ Front Upper Sway Bar
    Poly Bushings
    15" Prelude Wheels painted Black

    Front Grill Modification
    Blackhoused headlights with yellow high beams
    MPC Front Hood Rock Guard
    Clear Front Corners
    DIY Spray Window Tint Front Turn Signals
    CB3 Fog Lights
    CB3 Side Markers
    JDM CB3 Intersection Lights
    5th Gen Rear Red Side Marker Lights
    Acura Legend Front Lip
    Rear Mud Flaps

    OBX Short Shift Adapter
    Momo Shift Knob/Boot
    DIY Red Door/Dome Light Covers

    Pioneer Deck w / I-Pod hookup
    Kenwood 6.5"
    MTX 6X9
    Unknown 12" Sub
    Autotek 7206btx Amp (Old School ZED)

    ........../Future Plans:
    F20A DOHC Turbocharged
    Window Tinting
    Rear Fog Light
    DIY Cluster/Instrumentation/Clock Lights To Amber
    Heated Seats

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    Default moderators

    can you move this to members ride pages for the 90-93 please.

    Dont know how it got here!

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    ah you lucky bastard! i love cb7s
    "To some people, a car is a car. But to people like us, its so much more than just a car. Its a getaway. Its our hiding spot. Its our comfort. Its an extension of ourselves." - so very fucking true

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    but good thing i'm involved in asian community around here
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    i have a 90 accord lx, and im thinkin about getting a blow off much does a decent blow off valve cost about?

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    those are some nice rides.

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    hey i like that front bummper on the black cb7

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    Default nice look

    hey i like that front bummper on the black cb7

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