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Topic: jdmcord: 93 Accord LX

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    Default jdmcord: 93 Accord LX

    well, this is her for now:

    This was the summer of 05:

    This is her now:(2/24-25/06)before I painted the grill

    this is after I painted the grill and the steelies black:

    dont mind the broken bumper,lol)

    I used my dremel to get rid of those stupid vertical thingy's

    heres another engine shot

    OOOoooOOo... the shinyness(sp?)

    CURRENT Mods:

    custom short ram with cheap ebay filter :D

    Tein S-tech lowering springs
    Megan Racing Upper strut bar
    KYB AGX adjustable shocks/struts
    14" stock steelies(painted black)

    FUTURE plans for my baby.

    1) custom PnP on intake mani. and TB, and head
    3) Greddy evo II catback
    4) Delta 272 regrind
    5) p06 ecu w/ uberdata

    I'm gona do body work this summer and get it ready for a paint job
    custom blackhoused headlights
    all red taillights
    (I want to keep it as sleeper as i can)

    I really want to get GSR leather interior
    black carpet

    205/50-16 or 15 tires(duno what brand yet)
    cd5 alloys(painted black)

    Custom Turbo Kit

    t3 60-1 or super 60 with .63 a/r, or a small t3/t4 50 trim with .48 a/r
    home made log manifold.
    {?}" x 6" x 2.5" FMIC
    built block(sleeved, pistons, rods)
    rebuilt H23 head with perfromance valvetrain
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    nice ride good platform to build from.
    Phantom Grey 91 Lx Cb7 Sedan
    Coming Soon... 5 speed swap and booost..

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