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Topic: should i boost F22B2 or swap F22b1 V-tec ?

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    damn shame, i have a perfectly good f22b tranny sitting out in the middle of a field at my gramps' thought it went bad but turned out to be the drive axle. so i got a new tranny and axle.....what a waste
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    better start kissin ur dads ass nah just playin do what u can for now and you better not sell it (just looks too damn good to get rid of) or im buyin rican a trip to hawaii for some pineapple fun
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    in my opinion you would be better off swapping to the f22b1 vtec.

    i have a 97 vti vtec, (austalian model) all i have spent on it so far is a little over $450, that was for a new sports exhaust and ecu tune and dyno, im putting out 176 Kw @ Fw's, and i have also sleeved the cat, got a mate to do that only set me back a carton of boags.
    if its set up and the motor tuned right you can get some power out of them, as for saying that i want to go further again im looking at swapping for a k24 but not fully set on that as yet, i just dont know if its worth the $'s to swap for a stock k24 when i could spend it on other things for the f22b1.

    i am very pleased with the engine and performance thats for sure.

    i olny brought the car a little over a month ago now and i wasnt going to buy anything but toyota, was looking at a twin turbo supra but after test driving it and then the accord i had to buy it, as muh as i love toyota's it just didnt do it for me the same way as honda.

    i dont know what it does down the quarta mile yet haven't run it when i do ill let you know. but my top speed so far is 209 Km/h
    and with room to spare :)

    at the end of the day its what you choose to do. peace out

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    personally i love my accord - v tec f22b1 over the h22, my mates got one a i waste it, he has a 96 prelude.

    i have driven the 2000 vti-r prelude and that didnt impress me anywhere near what the accord did when i fist drove it.

    and the f22b1 goes really well turboed

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    Swap to h22A. Good luck
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