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Topic: 2001 lx coupe with 17" wheels...suggestions please :-)

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    Question 2001 lx coupe with 17" wheels...suggestions please :-)

    Hi guys,
    I recently got a 2001 accord lx coupe v4. The engine is a 150 hp auto so I am leaving it alone for now. But I do love the way the car looks and want to make it stand out more. I put 17" Arospeed RS-GTs on the car because I had a budget and 18's would have been 300 more. So I settled for the 17s. They came with 205/40/ZR17s. (paid $600 cash). I like the way they look campared to the stock 15s but the low profile of the tires makes them look small due also to the large wheel opening in the Accords.
    What I need from you guys is suggestions as to how to best make them "look" bigger without having to replace them. I have been told the following:
    -Drop the car...about 1.5 inches with a spring and strut combo (coilovers would be too much if you don't plan on showing the car or racing it because you will not need to adjust them more than once). But the car would drive "hard" so if you drive it every day to work you will be wishing you had not done it.
    -get bigger tires...205/55/r17s would fill the gap better while still looking sporty. But you have to spend on a new set of tires when you have a new set already.
    What do you guys think? I am not racing or showing the car and I do drive it everywhere so it has to be practical. I am just wanting to make the accord "all that he can be" ... :cool:
    thanks guys for the advice.

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    I also suggest lowering the car 1.5" or so. It will look nice but yea there is going to be a loss in quality of ride but gain in handling aspect, but that can depend on what suspension setup you get also.

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    i have the same generation of car with the same motor and the exact same wheel size and tire size. i don't like the fact that the wheel and tire combo looks smaller either. your best bet would be to lower the car about an inch. it will make the car look better while not taking away too much from the comfort of a good amount of suspension travel.

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    H&R Springs and KYB AGX adjustables would be the best combo..My buddy and both have them on our Accords (91 and 95) and the handling is excellent and the ride quality isnt half bad with the shocks set on soft. It lowered my car about .75" and lowered his car about a .50" The best thing is that you will not need to buy caster/camber plates after the car has stock wheels and his are wheels from a 96 V6 accord w/lo pro Kumho's and his wheels wells look nice and filled, not the empty look you currently suffer from. Go to to get the me it will be worth your money

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