Hey guys, new here, as I just bought a 92 accord and am trying to decide just what to do with it. Basically my goal is to hop up performance, without it being too noticeable. I'll be installing a cold air intake, and would love to get a performance exhaust system but would like it to sound as close to stock as possible. I know that naturally a performance exhaust system will sound different, but I'm super open to suggestions if you guys have any. Aesthetically, I'm going for the same simplicity. I might do some headlights and tail lights, some good wheels, and a grill insert. No cf hoods or 7ft high wings or any of that. Maybe some white accent lights but that's about it. Then on the inside I'm going to want an in-dash GPS, possibly a carpet kit and leather seats. I've had a hard time finding some not-flashy steering wheels and seats, so help there would also be especially appreciated. Anyway i think you guys get the idea. I'm looking to add performance and class to this great car, so let's hear what you've got!