View Full Version : hey i need help with my accord97 ex with a h22a please help me

11-02-2008, 11:34 AM
hi guys. i have a problem with my accord 97 EX i put a 99 h22 motor and it is not working how is suppost to.
i change everything that has to be change,
the fuel pump, the distributor, i used the same harnest because my accord was a single vtec but i have the prelude harnest too... and also a get the prelude 99 computer, whit this computer the car not even start.. so i get another one that is a 96 prelude whit this one the car stars but it get stuck so right now i'm using the computer from my old motor the 97 end with this works but no like it has to work so i dont know what can i do???

note: i used the Conversion Harness with the prelude computers but is still the same problem so please HELP ME