View Full Version : Steering issues

11-28-2006, 07:48 AM
Ok, so my h22a Accord is lowered and ruining my rack and pinion steering, because of the angle of the tie rods i believe is what the mechanic told me. my car is lowered significantly (no wheel gap front, 1-2 fingers back).

does anyone know if the hyperflex kit would help?

do i need to get a camber kit, or would that make the angle worse?

do i need to use a prelude steering rack instead of my accord one?

is there a steering bushing kit out there for my accord? i haven't been able to locate a kit. the hyperflex kit does not have steering bushings in it.

any and all help would be appreciated, as i am slowly destroying my steering mechanism. info... neuspeed sport springs(green) and tokico illumina 5 way adjustable shocks set to the stiffest setting. thanks again.

03-08-2007, 12:08 AM
How it is being 'destroyed'? I never heard of a problem, plus Neuspeed sport springs arent even that big of a drop. I think your mechanic is just 'anti-modification'. Especially b/c 'its a honda'.